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    Shaver series 5000 Wet and dry electric shaver

    MultiPrecision Blade System, 5-direction Flex Heads, P. Trimmer & Nose Trimmer S5550/44


    How do I place my shaver in the Philips SmartClean system?

    If you would like to know how to place your Philips Shaver in the SmartClean station, please find the answer in the following lines.

    Placing shaver in the Philips SmartClean System

    1. Click the top part of the SmartClean unit to pop it open.

    2. Hold your Philips Shaver upside down and point the front of the shaver towards the SmartClean system.

    3. Place the shaver in the holder, gently tilt it against the unit and then click the cap down to lock the shaver in.

    Please see the video below to fully understand the instructions.

    Placing shaver in Philips SmartClean System
    Play Pause

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