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We’ve spent years researching Picture Quality to ensure you enjoy incredible sharpness, vivid colour, fluid motion and superb contrast. So sit back, relax and enjoy. In the very best way it could be.
Philips TV award winning Picture Quality

Experience Perfection

Philips TV Picture Quality Pixel Precise 4K Ultra HD

Pixel Precision


Our innovative 4K UHD TV creates four times the resolution of Full HD TV. That’s over 8 million pixels working in harmony to create the sharpest, detailed and lifelike image ever.


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Philips TV Picture Quality Upscaling

Upscaling behind the scenes


Everything you watch should be the best possible visual experience. So we created the Upscaling Engine and Ultra Resolution to work continuously to convert any quality content, into a visibly sharper, finer image.


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Philips TV Picture Quality Pixel Plus 4K Ultra HD

Four is the magic number


In every one of our TVs there’s innovative technology working hard to create the very best picture quality. Each of them focuses on the four elements the eye can perceive: motion, contrast, colour and sharpness.


The feats of our picture quality engines play their part in creating an incredible image, regardless of the source and picture quality. So whether you watch YouTube or Netflix, both will be visually stunning.


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Philips TV Picture Quality Micro Dimming Pro

Micro Dimming Pro. Lights up your life.


Our innovative technology gives you an astounding level of clarity and realism, regardless of the light level in the room. By taking into account the ambient light, it intelligently adjusts your TV for the blackest blacks and the whitest whites.


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Philips TV Picture Quality Perfect Motion Rate

Understanding Perfect Motion Rate


This digital wizardry ensures incredibly fluid and lifelike movement no matter how fast the action gets, even on your Ultra HD TV. This number represents the amount of incredibly fluid and lifelike movement. The higher the rate, the sharper and smoother the fast moving images will be. Easy.


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Philips TV Picture Quality Perfect Natural Motion

What is Perfect Natural Motion?


It’s a sophisticated feature that resolves judder, providing you with the ultimate smooth moving image. So whatever fast paced action or sporting event you watch, everything looks fluid, natural and completely lifelike.


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