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    Marathon Bagless vacuum cleaner

    2200W, 440W suction power, HEPA 13 filter, Parquet, AutoClean FC9225/01


    How to clean the filter cylinder of my Philips vacuum

    We advise you to clean your Philips bagless vacuum's filter cylinder and filter cylinder case every week. Discover how.


    • Clean the filter cylinder by tapping it above a dustbin or with the cleaning brush (if supplied); Brush from the top of the filter cylinder downwards along the ribs of the filter cylinder
    • Clean the filter cylinder case with a dry cloth

    Note: Do not use water to clean the filter cylinder or filter cylinder case.


    We advise you to clean the filter cylinder and the filter cylinder case once a week. The filter cylinder is placed in the dust container.

    The filter cylinder

    The information on this page applies to the following models: FC9225/01 , FC8280/60 , FC8280/01 , FC8286/01 , FC8284/01 , FC9262/01 , FC8734/71 , FC8256/01 , FC8262/01 , FC9204/01 , FC9200/01 , FC9228/01 , FC8716/01 , FC8734/01 . more less

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