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    Philips Air+ app

    Philips Air+ app

    Your smart, clean air solution.

    Clean Home+ app has become Air+ app.

    Be in full control of your air, at home or away. Together with your connected Philips Air device, Air+ provides a smart experience that ensures you breathe clean and healthy air.

    Download the Philips Air+ app

    Air+ app, Your smart and clean air solution
    Adaptive icon, bar chart


    The app keeps track of all indoor and outdoor pollutants and automatically adjusts your device’s performance so you don’t have to.

    Control icon, hand holding a mobile phone with remote signal


    Air+ keeps you in control, at home or away, with a device remote and notifications about all your air concerns including pollutants, allergies and gas.

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    By staying in the know with insights into your air quality data from past to present, you are in full control of breathing the clean, healthy air you deserve.

    Philips Air+ app, Phone screen with AI functionality

    Auto Plus mode Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The smartest way to improve your air quality. Once you switch on Auto Plus mode, your device no longer simply reacts to the sensor readings but also analyzes outdoor data, room size and behavioural patterns to maximize performance, while keeping noise and energy consumption to a minimum. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the benefits of clean air without having to give it a second thought.

    Optimum performance, family sitting in the living room

    Optimum performance

    Calibrates cleaning performance based on environment (room size) and improves performance as it learns behavioral patterns.

    Reduced noise levels, a sleeping kid

    Reduced noise levels

    Keeps noise levels to a minimum as it learns when it needs to perform or when it needs to be quiet.

    Minimal energy consumption, Nala product image

    Minimal energy consumption

    Ensures the device runs economically so you save energy and prolong filter lifetime.

    Explore all unique features of Air+ app

    Philips Air+ app Air quality phone screens

    In full control of your air, at home or away

    Seamlessly switch between different modes, fan speeds and other features to tailor the device settings to your needs. Great for controlling your device even when you are away.

    Philips Air+ app, Air quality data in phone screens

    Real-time data to get to the core of indoor air quality


    Thanks to the smart device sensors, Air+ provides you with real-time, indoor air quality data.

    Ranging from high-level snapshots to detailed views, all data is available to you up until a year ago. More information about each pollutant and their causes are included so you can make well informed decisions about your indoor air.

    Phone screens showing outdoor data in Air+ app

    A holistic air quality experience with
    outdoor data

    As outdoor air quality can have a big impact on the indoor levels, Air+ includes a comprehensive overview of real-time outdoor readings.

    Additionally, Air+ provides a quick snapshot of the current weather at each location. You can add up to five cities to keep you in the know about the air quality conditions near and far.

    Philips Air+ app screen with article recommendations

    Stay informed with content tailored to your needs

    Articles in Air+ are packed with insights around common pollutants, seasonal allergies and tips on how to get the most out of your device.

    The different topics are laid out in short articles with simple language, allowing you to make smarter decisions around your air quality goals and needs.

    The Philips Air+ app

    Personalize your Philips Air device with your favorite smart home routines

    Simplify the control of your Philips Air device with your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home*. Just say: “Turn air purifier on“ or “What is the air quality in living room?”. Integrate the device with your favorite smart home routines, so it will always be providing clean air when its needed.

    *Alexa and Google Home availability depends on your location.

    Works with Google Home logo
    Works With Amazon Alexa logo

    Connect your purifier with the Air+ app

    Our connected range:

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    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

    I have been using the Clean Home+ app until now. Why did it change to Air+ app?

    Air+ app is refreshed and enhanced version of former Clean Home+ app with more intuitive, personalized, convenient features and user interface.

    What kind of operating system does Air+ app support?

    Air+ App can be installed on the operation system higher than IOS 11 or Android 6.0.

    I can’t connect my Philips Air Purifier to the Air+ app.

    Please check below potential issues and try to pair your Air Purifier again with the app:

    • 5GHz networks are not supported. If your purifier is connected to a dual–band router, please switch to the 2.4GHZ network of the router and try to pair your purifier again.
    • Public Wi-Fi networks such as office or hotel networks are not supported.
    • Check if the purifier is within range of the Wi-Fi router. You can try to locate the air purifier closer to the Wi-Fi router.
    • Check if the Wi-Fi password is correct. The password is case-sensitive.
    • Keep the appliance away from other electronic devices that may cause interferences.
    • Check if the mobile device is in airplane mode. Make sure to have the airplane mode deactivated when connecting to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Consult the help section in the App for extensive and up-to-date troubleshooting tips.
    • If the Wi-Fi pairing fails after trying several times, please turn off the cellular data on your smartphone in the Settings section and start the pairing again.
    • If the Wi-Fi icon on your Purifier’s display is in stable white but without seeing the Purifier in your app, click on ‘Connect a New Device’ and add the Purifier from the local list on ‘Begin setup’ page.

    Why do I have to log in to a Philips account?

    Creating a Philips account is not mandatory. Logging it with your Philips account could help you memorize your purifier settings.

    Can I still check and control the purifier if my phone does not connect to my home Wi-Fi?

    Yes, Air+ support remote control to check and control your purifier anytime, anywhere.

    What are Siri shortcuts?

    Siri shortcuts could help you check and control the purifier by directly speaking to Siri on your iPhone.

    What should I do if I cannot control the purifier through Air+ App

    Please delete device and pair the device again. If you still are not able to control your purifier, please contact Philips consumer care center.

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