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    Philips Support

    My Philips Steam Cleaner does not release steam

    Published on 2021-07-04

    If your Philips Steam Cleaner does not release steam, please follow our troubleshooting advice to solve it in the following lines.

    Switch on the steam function by pressing the steam button in front of your Philips Steam Cleaner.

    After you press the steam button, the boiler needs to heat up the water. After 30 seconds approximately, your Philips Steam Cleaner is ready for steaming. The ring around the button turns blue to indicate that the appliance is ready for steaming.

    Heating up the boiler of Philips Steam Cleaner

    Fill the water tank of the device and place it back into the appliance.

    Over time, minerals in the water cause scale to build up in the steam openings. Use the descaling pin supplied to remove scale and other residues from the steam openings of your Philips Steam Cleaner.

    Over time, the minerals in water can cause the openings in the filter to clog up. For this reason, replace the water filter of your steam cleaner every 6 months.

    Replacing the filter of Philips Steam Cleaner

    To use your Philips Steam Cleaner and to activate the steam function, you have to pull the handle towards you.

    If the above solutions did not solve your problem, please contact us.

    Moving the handle of Philips Steam Cleaner
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