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    My Philips Garment Steamer leaves stains on the garment

    Published on 11 April 2023
    If your Philips Garment Steamer leaves stains, or you notice impurities coming out from it, there might be a simple solution. Find out how to solve this issue in the following lines.
    White flakes may be emitted during usage. This is normal as the appliance has gone through quality tests and may have some residual particles. Simply shake/brush the flakes off the garment. Do not brush with wet cloth.
    If your steamer is not descaled regularly, it is normal for scale to build up in your garment steamer, and this can cause it to release some impurities or produce stains.

    To solve this, please descale your steamer. The descaling process depends on your product and series. Please find here all descaling information for your Philips Steam Iron or Steamer

    Note: The solution above does not applies to GC625, GC626, GC627, GC610, GC612, GC617, GC618 models.

    The following information applies to steamer models 7000 series only:

    The new Handheld Steamer come with rinsing function. It is recommended in performing rinsing mode when stain and/or impurities are produced or when steam is seen to be weaker. To activate rinsing mode for scale removal, hold and press steam setting button and steam trigger simultaneously until 2 LED lights blink. Steam and hot water will start to be released for 1 min. after 1 min, ECO mode light will blink to indicate product is back to heating up.
    If you used any chemical or additive with your Philips Garment Steamer, fill the water tank with water and allow it to steam out 1 full tank to rinse off chemical residues from the appliance.

    For stains on the garment, rinse off any stains under running water.

    For stains on the steamer head, wipe any deposits off the steamer head with a damp cloth.

    Note: The chemical or additives (e.g. perfume, essential oil, vinegar, etc) cause damage to the appliance. Do not use any chemical or additive with your garment steamer.
    Depending on where you stay, the water hardness level may be high and result in faster scale build-up in your garment steamer.

    Ensure that water tank is emptied after a steaming session. It is recommended to use a combination of demineralized/distilled water (50%) mixed with tap water (50%).

    At the start of a steaming session, set the steam setting to the MAX mode. Hold the steamer head away from the garment and press the steam trigger for 10 seconds to release the initial gush of water droplets.

    For stain on the garment, rinse off any stains under running water.

    For stain on the steamer head, wipe any deposits off the steamer head with a damp cloth.

    Note: The solution above only applies to GC625, GC626, GC627 models.

    Did these solutions not help to solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance. 
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