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    My Philips Steam Iron does not heat up anymore

    If your Philips Steam Iron stopped heating up, there can be several reasons. Please find out here how we can help you.

    Auto Shut-off mode

    A light is blinking blue or white in your Philips Steam Generator Iron:

    If your steam generator iron is switched on and the blue/white power light or the LED light on the handle is blinking but the soleplate stays cold, your steam generator iron might be in auto shut-off mode.

    When your iron has not been used for 5 to 10 minutes, it enters in auto shut-off mode. To use it again, please press the on/off button.

    The heating up light is flashing in your Philips Steam Iron:

    If your steam iron is left unused horizontally for more than 30 seconds, or vertically (heel rest) for more than 8 minutes, it switches off automatically for safety reasons.

    When this happens, the heating up light flashes. Move the iron to turn it on and it will start heating.

    The temperature is not set correctly

    Please make sure to set the temperature to.the desired setting based on the ironable fabric you have.

    After 2 to 3 minutes, the soleplate should be hot.

    If wrinkles are not easy to remove, the garment may not be moist enough. Wet the garment slightly and adjust the temperature dial up to a hotter position.

    There is a connection problem

    Please check the mains cord, the plug and the wall socket. Make sure everything is properly connected.

    Incorrect dual voltage setting

    If your iron comes with dual voltage setting, make sure this is set according to your location (eg, 120V or 240V).

    The iron does not switch on anymore

    If this is the case, there might be an internal electric problem with your iron.

    In this case, we recommend you to contact us.

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