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    My Philips 4000 Vacuum Cleaner has low suction power

    There could be several reasons why the suction power in your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner is not as good as expected. Please follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue.

    The dust container is full

    Your appliance has two dust containers. One is in the handheld and the other one is part of the nozzle. When one or both are full, the suction power will be lower than usual. Empty both dust containers regularly to avoid loss of suction power.

    The tube or nozzle is blocked

    Your vacuum's tube or nozzle may become clogged during use, and the brush may also become blocked by tangled hair. The suction power will be affected by this, and your vacuum might not be able to pick up dirt as well as usual. 

    Check if any of these parts are blocked, and if they are, remove and clean the parts to release the blockage.

    The filter is dirty

    A dirty filter prevents air from flowing as well as it should, and this can result in low suction power. Your appliance has two dust containers - one is in the handheld and the other one in the nozzle. The filter of your vacuum model is in the dust container located in the handheld. 

    Please follow these steps for easy filter cleaning: 
    1.    Remove the handheld dust bucket.
    2.    Remove the filter from the dust bucket.
    3.    Remove foam filter and wash it with running water.
    4.    Allow the filter to air dry for 12 hours before reinserting it.

    Clean all filter parts at least once per week.

    The dust container has not been closed or inserted correctly

    Your vacuum cleaner model comes with two dust containers. Please make sure that both are placed back correctly in the handheld and nozzle. 

    The suction power setting is too low

    Your vacuum cleaner model has two power settings. You can find them on the handheld right below the power button.

    Please check that your device is set to the desired suction power. If it isn't, increase the suction power.

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