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    My Philips 4000 Vacuum Cleaner produces an unusual sound

    If your Philips 4000 vacuum produces an unusual sound, read our troubleshooting advice below to solve this issue.

    The airflow is blocked

    Please check if there is an object or any debris stuck in the nozzle or tube of your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner. The airflow can be partly blocked by an object stuck in one of those parts of your device. If this is the case, take the object or debris out before you continue vacuuming.

    A different accessory has been used

    When you use a different accessory than the usual one, you might notice that your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner produces a different noise.

    Check if your appliance sounds normal again when you stop using the accessory that you were using. If so, do not worry about the noise, it is normal.

    The filter is clogged or displaced

    If the (exhaust) filter of your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner is clogged, it might produce an unusual sound. To solve this issue, clean the filter in the dust bucket located in the handheld. 

    Another reason that your vacuum cleaner might be producing an unusual sound is that the filter is displaced. In this case, ensure that the filters are fully inserted and placed correctly.

    The dust container is full

    If the dust containers of your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner are full, this may cause the appliance to produce an unusual sound. Clean the dust containers in order to solve this. 

    The motor is damaged

    If the explanations above do not resolve the issue, then it could be that the motor of your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner is damaged. In this case, please contact us for further assistance.

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