Bottle warmers and sterilizers

Safe and healthy food preparation

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Bottle Warmers

Helps preserving nutrients & vitamins of your milk

With 30 years of experience we know how important breast milk is for your baby. Warming gently and evenly, the Philips Avent SCF356 premium bottle warmer helps to preserve the quality  of your milk.

Hot spots are avoided as the milk circulates during warming.

The integrated sensor tracks and controls the milk temperature, to avoid overheating at all times.

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Warms both milk and baby food Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with all Philips Avent bottles and containers Yes Yes Yes
Speed of warming About 3 min (5oz in
a 9oz bottle at room temperature)
About 10 min
(3oz at room temperature)
About 2.5 min
(6oz at room
Gentle defrost setting Yes Yes No
Evenly warming with no hot spots Yes Yes No
Easy pouring & Protective beaker lid No No Yes
Always safe milk temperatures No Yes No
Different end temperatures based on your need No Yes No
Automatic keep warm and shut off functions No Yes No
Progress indicator visual alert when milk or food is ready No  Yes  No 

Sterilization and Food Preparation Advice

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    Starting solids

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  • Chunkier food choices for your baby

    Chunkier food choices for your baby

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  • First Tastes: Stage 1 - Tropicana fusion

    This is the stage where babies are still having breast milk or regular baby formulated milk, puréed and mashed food in teaspoonful quantities. This recipe provides a good source of dietary fiber, beta-carotene (vitamin A) and potassium.

  • Soft Chews: Stage 2 - Wholesome potato pumpkin pie

    This is the stage where you can introduce lumpy foods, encourage savory preference over sweet-tasting items, and bring in new food. This recipe provides a good source of protein, dietary fibre, beta-carotene (vitamin A), calcium and potassium.Dish is customized to both parent and baby’s consumption.

  • Chunky: Stage 3 - Tantalizing Chicken Balls

    This is the stage where you can introduce lightly cooked, adult-textured food items in small quantities, like meat and cheese. This recipe provides a good source of protein and vitamin A.