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    PowerPro Aqua Vacuum cleaner and Mopping System

    3-in-1, Vacuum and mop, 18 V FC6404/01


    Dust escapes from my Philips PowerPro Aqua vacuum

    To maintain the optimal suction performance of your Philips PowerPro Aqua Vacuum, we advise you to clean the filters every 2 to 4 weeks. You do not need to replace the filter. Find out how to clean the filters yourself in the following lines.

    Instructions to clean the filter of your Philips PowerPro Aqua

    1. Remove the filter compartment and take out the filter of your Philips PowerPro Aqua Vacuum;
    2. Remove the foam filter;
    3. Clean the foam filter under a tap with cold or lukewarm water. Let the filter dry for 24 hours;
    4. Never put the filter back when the filters are still wet, as this will damage the appliance.

    Note: For a thorough clean, you can also clean the dust container and filter parts in cold or lukewarm water.

    If the solutions provided do not help to solve your problem, please contact us.

    Cleaning instructions

    The information on this page applies to the following models: FC6404/01 , FC6401/01 , FC6401/81 .

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