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    AquaTrio Pro

    3-in-1: vacuums, mops & dries, Triple-Acceleration Technology, Visible wet cleaning, All hard floors FC7088/61


    My Philips AquaTrio Pro shows a red light during flushing

    If the red light lights up continuously during flushing, the Active Protection System is activated.

    To reset the Active Protection System:

    1. Open the mopping nozzle lid, remove the mopping brush cover and check for any objects blocking the brushes
    2. Remove any objects
    3. Replace the mopping brush cover and close the mopping nozzle lid

    You can continue the flushing session. If this happens every time during flushing, try to make sure the amount of water does not exceed the maximum level indicated on the flushing tray. Only 300ml of water is needed for a flushing session.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: FC7088/61 .

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