Hairclipper series 1000 Hair clipper



My Philips hair clipper cuts unevenly

If your Philips hair clipper gives you an uneven cut, we advise you to check the following

Incorrect angle

Keep the flat part of the comb (the contact area) in full contact with your skin at all times.

If the clipper is pressed down too hard on your skin when it moves through your hair, the resulting length may not correspond with your desired hair length. Similarly, if the comb does not touch your skin when it moves through your hair, you will not get an optimal cut.

The clipper is used in the direction of hair growth

You should always move the trimmer against the direction of hair growth. However, since your hair does not all grow in the same direction, you need to move the clipper in different directions (upwards, downwards and across)

The attachment comb is not adjusted correctly

Make sure the comb is adjusted correctly.

  • If you press the clipper too hard against your skin, you may accidentally change the setting.

  • To make sure you have correctly assembled the attachment, detach and re-attach it.

The hair clipper is not completely clean

Make sure the hair clipper has been cleaned in accordance with the user manual, as accumulated hair or dirt may reduce the performance of your clipper.

The battery is almost empty

Make sure the battery contains sufficient energy or that the adapter is connected to the mains properly

The information on this page applies to the following models: QC5055/00 , QG3150/30 , QC5170/00 , QC5380/32 , HC5446/15 , HC3410/15 , HC7450/80 , HC5440/80 , HC5440/15 , HC3420/15 , QC5132/15 , QC5115/15 , QC5130/15 , QC5560/15 , QC5570/15 , QC5580/15 , QC5360/32 , QC5390/80 , QC5380/15 , QC5365/80 , QG3030/10 , QC5335/80 , QG3270/32 , QC5500/50 , QC5330/15 , QC5345/15 , QG3250/32 , QG3280/32 , QG3260/32 , QC5350/80 , QC5510/15 , QC5550/15 , QC5530/15 , QC5770/80 , QG3030/20 , CC5060/17 , QG3190/00 , QC5000/00 , QG3190/01 , QC5005/10 , QC5070/00 , QC5090/00 , QG3080/10 , QC5050/00 . more less

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