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    Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

    Private & secure (A-FHSS), 2.7 inch color screen, Soothing lullabies & talkback SCD620/05


    The camera of my Philips Avent Baby monitor is not working

    It can happen that video images are not displaying on your Philips Avent Baby monitor. This does not always mean that the camera is broken. Use these possible causes and solutions to try and solve the issue yourself.

    The parent unit is in audio, vox or eco mode

    Your Philips Avent Baby monitor comes with different modes. Press the mode button on the side of the parent unit to select video. Available modes are:

    • video mode: video and sound are always on
    • audio mode: sound is always on, but video is inactive
    • vox mode: video and sound will turn off automatically if no sound is detected for 20 seconds.
    • eco mode: video, sound, and transmissions will turn off automatically if no sound is detected for 20 seconds.

    A software error occured

    You can reset the parent unit of your Philips Avent Baby monitor by simultaneously pressing the power button and the navigation down button for one second. The parent unit will turn off automatically after one second. In order to turn the Philips Avent Baby monitor on, press the power button again.

    Did this not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance

    How to reset philips avent video baby monitor

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD620/05 , SCD603/00 , SCD603/01 , SCD609/01 , SCD610/01 , SCD600/00 . more less

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