Philips Avent Audio Monitors DECT Baby Monitor SCD560/00 100% private connection Night light and lullabies Talkback function



Why do the non-rechargeable batteries of the baby unit run low quickly?

We advise to use the baby unit from the mains. To guarantee automatic power backup in case of mains failure, you can insert alkaline batteries.

If you need to use the baby unit on batteries, these tips can help to prevent batteries to run low quickly:

  • Decrease the microphone sensitivity level with the SENSITIVITY button on the parent unit
    If the microphone sensitivity level of the baby unit is set high, the baby unit will transmit more often and consume more energy

  • Do not play lullabies on the baby unit, or only at a low sound level

  • Do not use the nightlight
    If you want to use the nightlight, we advise you to run the baby unit on mains power

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD560/00 , SCD525/00 , SCD520/00 , SCD530/00 , SCD505/00 , SCD505/01 , SCD510/00 , SCD535/00 , SCD560/01 , SCD580/01 . more less

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