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    Philips Lumea Comfort IPL hair removal system SC1981/00 For use on body and face 22 minutes to treat lower legs Lifetime >100.000 light pulses Compact corded design



    My skin feels uncomfortable with my Philips Lumea

    If your skin feels uncomfortable during or after using Philips Lumea, find below possible causes for this issue and tips on how to solve it yourself.

    Your skin tone is not suitable for Lumea usage

    The Lumea Prestige series is suitable to use on skin type one to skin type five. Lumea Advanced and Lumea Essential series are suitable for skin type one to skin type four.
    None of the Lumea models are suitable to use on light blond, white, grey or red hair.

    Philips Lumea skin tone and hair color chart

    Skin tone sensor

    Most Philips Lumea models come with a skin tone sensor. This automatically detects your skin tone and only allows the device to flash if your skin tone is suitable. If your skin is too dark the skin tone sensor only blocks the Lumea from flashing. The skin tone sensor does not automatically lower the setting.

    The intensity setting you selected is too high  

    Make sure you have selected the setting on your Philips Lumea that feels comfortable based on your skin test. The skin test is necessary to check your skin's reaction to the treatment and to determine the correct light intensity setting for each body area. The recommendations can be found in the skin tone table in the user manual.

    Some Philips Lumea models (BRI862, BRI863, BRI864, BRI94, BRI95 series) are equipped with a SmartSkin Sensor. The sensor recommends the setting which was comfortable for most women with a skin tone similar to yours. If the treatment feels uncomfortable with these settings you can always lower them manually.

    You are treating the wrong areas

    Do not use your Philips Lumea on lesions, moles, nipples, piercing, tattoos etc. For the full list of unintended areas see the user manual.

    You have recently tanned

    Using Philips Lumea on recently tanned skin can be uncomfortable, regardless whether you have tanned naturally or artificially using tanning lotions or appliances. For the correct advice concerning the use of Philips Lumea alongside sunblocks or tanning please consult the user manual.

    Your skin or Lumea is dirty

    Make sure that all parts of your Philips Lumea have been cleaned properly. Only use Philips Lumea on pretreated (shaved, waxed, epilated) areas. And make sure your skin is clean and dry before you start your hair removal treatment.

    You are pressing Lumea too hard on your skin

    Press your Philips Lumea on your skin more gently, especially on sensitive bony areas such as shinbone, knee and ankles.

    Place the Lumea at a 90° angle on the skin so that the integrated safety system is in full contact with your skin. The integrated safety system prevents unintentional flashing without skin contact.

    If you have tried the advice above but your skin still feels uncomfortable then please contact us for further support

    Correct way of using Philips Lumea

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SC1981/00 , SC2006/11 , SC1991/00 , SC2003/11 , SC2002/01 , SC2001/01 , SC2001/00 . more less

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