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Titanium Ceramic Barrel, Brushless motor, 3 heat & 3 timer settings, Salon style results HPS940/03


My hair gets trapped in the Philips Auto Curler

The Philips Auto Curler is designed to give you a quick and easy curling experience. To avoid hair getting trapped, follow these simple steps.

Comb your hair thoroughly

Combing your hair will ensure that the opening is clear of stray hair strands before curling.

Only use an amount of hair that fits comfortably into the hair sectioning tool

The hair sectioning tool is designed to help you determine how much hair you can curl at one time. If it does not fit into the hair sectioning tool, decrease the amount of hair. If your hair is long, use a smaller amount of hair.

Make sure that the curler is in the correct position

Always hold the curler with its FRONT facing your head. This is the side where the buttons are located.

Stretch the hair strands tightly when inserting them into the opening

Release your hair as it is curled into the chamber.

A good trick is to twist your hair once around your finger before inserting it into the curling chamber.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HPS940/03 .

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