Auto Curler

With smart curling system, 2x more hair in one go, Vertical grip, Smart curl guards BHB876/00


My Philips Auto Curler does not produce enough curls

The Philips Auto Curler is designed to create perfect curls every time. If you are not getting the desired curls, follow the tips below.

You might be using too much hair

The hair sectioning tool lets you know how much hair to curl at one time. If it doesn’t fit, try decreasing the amount of hair you use. If your hair is long, use a smaller amount of hair to achieve more definition.

You might be releasing the curling button too early

Your Philips Auto Curler will notify you with four beeps when it is time to release your hair from the curling chamber. Make sure that you press and HOLD the curling button until you hear a “CLICK” sound.

After Care

Do not comb or brush your hair after curling. For extra definition, cup the curled hair strand in your hand and wait for it to cool.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHB876/00 , HPS940/03 .

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