Saeco Exprelia Super-automatic espresso machine

Integrated milk jug & frother, Stainless steel, 5 step adjustable grinder HD8854/01


I cannot complete the descaling process of my Saeco Exprelia

If you cannot complete your Saeco Exprelia espresso machine's descaling procedure, there might be a simple cause. Please continue reading for the solution to this.

Clean and dry the drip tray

The machine cannot detect that the internal drip tray has been emptied and placed back because the internal drip tray is dirty or condensation has developed inside the machine.

  1. Do not turn off the machine
  2. Open the service door and take out the internal drip tray
  3. Clean the internal drip tray with lukewarm water and some washing-up liquid.
    Note: Make sure that the area where the drip tray is located is also clean
  4. Dry the internal drip tray and place it back into the machine
  5. Dry the inside of the service door
  6. Dry the outside of the water tank and put it back
  7. Close the service door
  8. Press the OK button
  9. The machine will continue with the next step of the descaling procedure
  10. If the message still does not disappear, please contact the Consumer Care Centre in your country

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8854/01 , HD8857/01 .

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