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My trimmer attachment does not fit my Philips shaver

If your Philips trimmer does not fit the shaver, it may not be attached properly. Follow the simple steps below to attach your trimmer.

The teeth of the click-on trimmer should point towards the back of the shaver

  1. With the teeth of the click-on trimmer pointing towards the back of the shaver, insert the lug of the trimmer into the slot on the top of the shaver (1).

  2. Press the trimmer downwards on to the shaver (2) until it clicks into place.

Click on trimmer

The information on this page applies to the following models: HS8420/23 , RQ1168/30 , RQ1167/16 , RQ1187/21 , RQ1187/16 , RQ1195/22 , RQ1185/24 , RQ1150/17 , RQ1180/17 , RQ1160/17 , RQ1160/16 , RQ1180/16 , RQ1160/21 , HS8020/17 , HS8060/24 , HS8040/16 , HS8020/16 , RQ1150/16 , RQ1195/21 . more less

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