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How do I replace the batteries on my Philips shaver?

Replacing the batteries on your Philips shaver is easy. Just follow the steps below.

Replacing the shaver batteries

1) Remove the empty batteries.

2) With dry hands, place two batteries in the battery compartment with the + and - on the batteries matching the + and - in the battery compartment.

  • The shaver does not work if the batteries have been placed incorrectly.

3) Put the lid back on. First insert the top part of the lid (1) and then press down the bottom part (2) until you hear a click.

Replacing the batteries

A note to consider:

Philips shaver runs on two R6 AA 1.5 volt batteries. Preferably use Philips alkaline batteries.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HQ130/16 , PQ208/17 , PQ202/16 , PQ202/17 , PQ205/17 , HQ132/16 , HQ801/16 , HQ802/16 , HQ803/16 , HQ804/16 , HS190/24 , HS190/16 , PQ206/18 . more less

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