Electric shaver

With free nose trimmer RQ1050/29

Frequently Asked Questions

Which replacement shaving unit fits my Arcitec shaver?

This shaver has an integrated shaving unit. The shaving unit required for this shaver is the RQ10 or RQ12+ Philips shaving unit.


If you already own an RQ12+ shaving unit and you need to replace shaving heads, you can simply buy SH90 shaving heads. These shaving heads fit in the RQ12+ shaving unit.
Note: SH90 shaving heads do not fit in the RQ10 shaving unit.

The information on this page applies to the following models: RQ1050/29 , RQ1075/23 , RQ1085/21 , RQ1076/21 , RQ1050/16 , RQ1060/20 , RQ1085/22 , RQ1095/22 . more less

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