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    Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry epilator

    For legs, body, face and feet, Ceramic discs grip fine hairs, 5 body care routines, + 9 accessories BRE652/00


    My skin is irritated after using my Philips Satinelle Epilator

    If your skin feels itchy, red or swollen after using your Philips Satinelle Epilator, try our tips below to solve this issue yourself.

    Allow adjustment time

    If you are new to epilation, you may see some after-effects like redness or swelling on your skin. This usually goes away with time and is nothing to worry about. Allow your skin some adjustment time. Try epilating before going to bed so that your skin has time to rest overnight.

    As after-care gently rub an antiseptic cream, or a mild, alcohol-free lotion on your skin after epilating. You may also use an alcohol-free deodrant for your armpits.

    If your skin irritation lasts longer than 3 days, then please consult your doctor.

    Use a clean epilator

    Always check the head of your epilator to make sure it is clean before you use it. If it is not clean, then put it under a tap of running water to clean it. Completely dry the epilating head before attaching it back to its body. For detailed cleaning instructions of your particular epilator model refer to your user manual.

    Also make sure your skin is clean and dry before epilating.
    Clean Philips Epilator

    Pre-treat your skin

    You may get some ingrown hair as a side-effect of epilating. To prevent this from happening, try exfoliating your skin with a peeling lotion and the peeling glove provided with your epilator (or a course sponge) two or three days before epilating. This removes the dead skin around your hair follicles and makes it easier to remove hair.

    If your epilator comes with a body exfoliating attachment, you can also use that for this purpose. 
    Philips Satinelle exolifating brush

    Use the right technique

    While epilating it is important to use the right technique so that the hair from your skin are removed properly and with minimal pain.

    Try stretching your skin with your free hand, or use the skin stretcher (efficacy cap) attachment which comes with your epilator. The tighter your skin is, the easier it is for the epilator to pull your hair.

    Efficacy or skin stretcher cap for Philips Satinelle Epilator

    Use on permitted areas

    The epilator is intended to remove hair by the root in the intimate area (the outside and inside of the outer labia), the underarms, the bikini line and hard-to-reach areas such as knees and ankles. Be careful when epilating your intimate areas. Please refer to the use manual for detailed instructions on how to safely use your epilator.
    You can also also use it to epilate the lower part of your face (chin, cheeks and the area above your upper lip) and the area between your eyebrows.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BRE652/00 , BRE605/00 , BRE632/00 , BRE650/00 , HP6523/02 , HP6583/02 . more less

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