Philips SatinPerfect Epilator HP6570/00 Luxury for legs


Frequently Asked Questions

My Philips epilator does not work without the cord

Your Philips epilator cannot be used without the cord. If you want to use an appliance cordlessly, please exchange it at your dealer.

The socket to which the appliance is connected does not work:

Make sure the socket is live. If you connect the epilator to a socket in a bathroom cabinet, you may need to switch on the light in the bathroom to make sure the socket is live. You could also use a working socket outside the bathroom.

The overheat protection has been activated:

When the epilator stops working and the speed setting indications start flashing red, the overheat protection has been activated. Let the appliance cool down. The lights stop flashing after 30 seconds. When the appliance has cooled down, switch the epilator on again. If the lights start flashing again, the epilator has not yet cooled down sufficiently.

The overload protection:

Is activated because something got caught between the rotating tweezers or because you pressed the appliance too hard onto your skin. When the overload protection has been activated, the speed setting indications flash red. Turn the tweezers with your thumb until you can easily remove the item that is blocking the rotating tweezers. Then switch the appliance on again. Do not press the appliance down too hard onto your skin. Your device cannot be used without being connected to the mains.

If this did not help you, please contact your local Philips dealer.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6570/00 , HP6572/00 , HP6574/00 .

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