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    Satinelle Prestige Wet & Dry epilator

    For legs, body, face and feet, Ceramic discs grip fine hairs, 5 body care routines, + 9 accessories BRE652/00


    How do I charge my Philips Satinelle Epilator?

    Find out here how to charge your Philips Epilator.

    Charging instructions

    When the battery indicator on your epilator starts flashing orange, or the epilator runs slower than usual, it means that the epilator needs to be recharged. We recommend charging the epilator after each use.

    To charge your Philips Epilator, insert the small plug of the charging cable into the socket in the bottom of your epilator and plug the charger in a working electric socket. 

    The charging indicator on your epilator flashes white to indicate that the device is charging. After approximately 15 minutes, the battery indicator starts flashing white slowly. At this point, the battery contains enough energy for up to 10 minutes of epilation. However, we recommend fully charging your epilator for at least 1.5 hours. This will give the epilator enough power to operate cordless for 40 minutes.

    When the charging indicator lights up white continuously, it means the epilator is fully charged. Once it is fully charged but still plugged in to an electric socket the battery indicator flashes a few times when you press the on/off button. This indicates that you should unplug your epilator. 

    Please keep in mind that the charging instructions may vary for your particular epilator model. In this case check the user manual of your product or contact us for further help.
    Philips Satinelle Epilator charging instructions

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