Bedroom air purifier

Smart sensor, 20 m2 AC4055/00


How do I replace my Philips Air Purifier / Humidifier's filter?

If you Philips Air Purifier or Humidifier filters are too dirty, you can easily replace them yourself. Find out how it works.

ESP particle filter and zeolite gas filter

You can only replace the ESP particle filter and the zeolite gas filter:

  • Place the appliance against a wall for more stability when you remove or insert filters
  • Place your fingers in the recesses of the side panels
  • Gently pull the top part of the front panel off the appliance (1) and then lift the panel upwards to remove it (2)
  • To remove the ESP particle filter, grab the filter handles at both sides and gently slide the filter out of the appliance
  • To remove the zeolite gas filter, slide it out of the appliance
  • Note: You can only remove the zeolite gas filter after you have removed the ESP particle filter
  • To remove the pre-filter, slide it out of the appliance.

Inserting the filters

Insert the filters with the arrow facing upwards.

  1. Slide the zeolite gas filter into the appliance

  2. Slide the ESP particle filter into the appliance

  3. Slide the pre-filter into the appliance

  4. To reattach the front panel, insert the bottom edge first (1) and then press the top part home (2)

  5. Note: The appliance is equipped with a safety device. If you have not placed the ESP particle filter, the zeolite gas filter or the front panel properly, you cannot switch on the appliance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC4055/00 , AC4065/00 , AC4052/00 , AC4054/00 , AC4064/00 . more less

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