Philips Steam&Go Handheld garment steamer GC320/05 1000 W Steam-on-demand Brush Storage bag



My Philips Garment steamer doesn't work horizontally

If you are using the Philips Garment steamer horizontally, you might experience intermittent steam or no steam at all. Find out why this happens.

Not designed for horizontal use

When you hold the steamer in a horizontal position to steam the garment on a flat surface, there will be intermittent steam output or no steam at all.

This is because the water tank is attached to the handle of the steamer. When the steamer is held in a horizontal position, the water tank is also in a horizontal position. In a horizontal tank, the suction tube bottom is not immersed in water, making it impossible for it to suck water for steaming.

Using the device

Steam in an upright position

The Steam&Go handheld steamers should be used in an upright position.

It was designed to offer the convenience of steaming hanging garments directly, hence eliminating the need to set up any flat surface such as an ironing board.

Using the device

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC320/05 , GC310/05 , GC310/25 .

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