Philips PerfectCare Pure Steam generator iron GC7635/30 Max 5 bar pump pressure 240 g steam boost carry lock 1.5 l fixed water tank



How to install the Philips Steam generator anti-calc cartridge

Using anti-calc cartridges will improve your Philips Steam generator's lifespan. Find out how to install one.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Press the carry lock release button (specific types only) and remove the iron from the iron platform
  2. Open the ANTI-CALC cartridge compartment
  3. Take the ANTI-CALC cartridge out of its package (1) and pull the rubber cap from its bottom (2)
  4. Place the ANTI-CALC cartridge in the compartment and press it down until it locks into place (3)
  5. Close the ANTI-CALC cartridge compartment lid

It may take 10 seconds for steam to come out when you use the appliance for the first time or after replacing the anti-calc cartridge. If there is no steam coming from the iron, check that the cartridge has been installed properly by pressing it down until it locks into place.

The appliance does not produce steam if the ANTI-CALC cartridge is not in place.

Replacing the cartridge

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC7635/30 .

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