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    PerfectCare 9000 Series Steam generator iron

    ActiveSense technology, Guaranteed no burns*, Light weight iron, Up to 750g steam boost PSG9050/26


    The steam boost in my Philips Steam Iron is not working

    If the steam boost of your Philips Steam Iron stopped working, please find our troubleshooting advice below.

    Steam irons only: The steam boost trigger has not been pressed and released

    To activate the steam boost in your Philips Steam Iron, press the steam boost button/trigger.

    Note: Steam boost is not available at 1-dot & 2-dot temperature settings. Set the temperature setting to 3-dot and above as shown in the image below. For the iron models with OptimalTemp, you do not need to adjust the temperature setting.
    The temperature dial of Philips Steam Iron

    Steam irons only: The steam boost function was used too often

    When you use the steam boost function of your Philips Steam Iron too often within a short period, the steam boost function will stop working for a while.

    In this case, please wait a couple of minutes until you use the steam boost again.

    Steam generator irons only: The steam trigger was not pressed twice quickly

    To switch on the steam boost in your Philips Steam Generator Iron, press the steam trigger twice quickly. To switch the steam boost off, just press the steam trigger once again.

    Did these solutions not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PSG9050/26 , GC1742/46 , GC1752/36 , GC1756/26 , GC7933/30 , GC2678/36 , GC4938/20 , GC5039/30 , GC9682/86 , GC9660/36 , GC7808/40 , GC8723/00 , GC9324/20 , GC9622/20 , GC9642/60 , GC7035/20 , GC8650/80 , GC8638/20 , GC9247/30 , GC3803/30 , GC4522/00 , GC4521/20 , GC4520/30 , GC4511/40 , GC3810/20 , GC3811/70 , GC8642/20 , GC3811/80 , GC7635/30 , GC8640/02 , GC9550/02 , GC8635/02 , GC9245/02 , GC9540/02 , GC9240/02 , GC9940/05 , GC9140/02 . more less

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