Philips IronCare Water filter for irons GC024/10 Prevents scale build-up Suitable for all irons 1 cartridge included



My Philips anti-calc ironing cartridge has brown particles

If the material inside your Philips anti-calc cartridge has some brown particles, this is completely normal. Find out why.

Different reasons

  1. If you see some brown particles evenly mixed with the largely blue particles, it is normal. There are two kinds of materials inside the cartridge. Their initial colors are blue and brown respectively
  2. If there is a thin layer of brown material at the top or bottom of the anti-calc cartridge, it is normal. It is possible for some of the material in the anti-calc cartridge (especially the top layer) to change color before use due to exposure to atmospheric conditions. This does not affect the effectiveness of the cartridge
  3. If the anti-calc cartridge is completely brown upon opening the packaging, it is not fit for use

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC024/10 , GC025/00 .

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