Philips New home air purifier AC4026/00 CADR 153 m³/h PM2.5 removal rate >99%


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get cleaner air with my Philips air purifier (allergy)

You can adjust sensitivity level becomes more sensitive:

To adjust the sensitivity level, follow the steps as below:

  1. If the appliance is at plug-in status, unplug the appliance and wait for a few minutes

  2. Press and hold the TIMER button and put the mains plug in the wall socket simultaneously. Then the appliance will beep twice and one of the HOUR light flashes to show the current sensitivity level. (If the 1-hr light flashes, the sensitivity level is extra-sensitive; if the 4-hr light flashes, the sensitivity level is sensitive; if the 8-hr light flashes, the sensitivity level is standard)

  3. Press the TIMER button to choose your desired sensitivity level

  4. Press and hold the on/off button to switch off the appliance. The new sensitivity level is set now

If you want to clean the air in the room quickly, set the appliance at the highest fan speed

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC4026/00 , AC4004/00 , AC4002/00 , AC4012/02 , AC4014/02 , AC4081/31 , AC4372/30 . more less

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