Bedroom air purifier

Smart sensor, 20 m2 AC4055/00

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain my Philips air purifier's corona field charger

The corona field charger should not be touched to avoid damaging it. Under normal conditions, it does not become dirty and does not need to be cleaned.

  • If the mesh of the corona field charger is really bent, the performance will be affected; you can solve this problem by pushing the mesh carefully back into its original shape from the top

  • If the corona field charger is broken, the performance will be affected and you are unable to solve the problem yourself; please take the appliance to your Philips dealer or an authorized Philips service centre

  • To clean the mesh of the corona field charger, carefully vacuum clean it from below

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC4055/00 , AC4065/00 , AC4052/00 , AC4054/00 , AC4064/00 . more less

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