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    Series 800 Air Purifier

    Removes 99.5% particles @3nm, Air quality color feedback, Up to 49 m2/527 ft2, Auto & Sleep mode AC0820/30


    My Philips Air Purifier does not switch on

    If your Philips Air Purifier will not switch on, find out in the following lines what you can do to solve the issue.

    The filter alert status is displaying the filter code

    Note: This section only applies to purifiers that have a display.

    When the filter alert status displays the filter code, this means the filter needs to be replaced, and your purifier will not work until this is done.

    To solve this, please replace the corresponding filter and reset the filter lifetime counter.

    The filters are not placed correctly

    When the filters are not correctly placed, your air purifier might not switch on.

    Make sure the filters are placed correctly according to the instructions in your purifier’s user manual.

    The timer of your Philips air purifier is set to a different time interval

    Reset or turn off the timer. In most Philips Purifiers, you can do this by pressing the button with a timer icon. Please check in the user manual the instructions that apply to your specific purifier.

    There is a connection problem

    Check if your air purifier’s plug is correctly inserted in the wall socket.

    The wall outlet does not work

    Try a different electrical outlet or check the wall switch.

    All of the above is checked

    All of the above is checked but it still will not switch on.

    In this case, we recommend you to contact us.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: AC0820/30 , AC1215/30 , AC3259/30 , AC2887/30 , AC2882/30 , AC3256/30 , AC4081/31 , AC4012/02 , AC4372/30 , AC4014/02 , AC4025/01 , AC4084/02 , AC4026/00 , AC4084/00 , AC4002/00 , AC4004/00 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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