Air purifier

VitaShield IPS, Smart sensor AC4012/02


The filter has a smell after using for a period of time, what's wrong?

Pre-filter is dirty, please clean the pre-filter

  • Make sure that the pre-filter is completely dry before putting back into the appliance; if it is still wet, bacteria may multiply in it and shorten the lifetime of the pre-filter; if it still happens, please bring the appliance to your nearest service center for checking

The appliance is only intended for household use under normal operating conditions

  • Do not use the appliance in wet surroundings or in surroundings with high ambient temperatures, such as the bathroom, toilet or kitchen

The information on this page applies to the following models: AC4012/02 , AC4014/02 , AC4084/02 , AC4084/00 , AC4002/00 , AC4004/00 . more less

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