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    How should I clean my Philips pasta maker and its discs?

    If you need to clean your Philips pasta maker but don’t know how to: don’t worry, we can help you. Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

    Steps to clean your Philips pasta maker:

    Attention: make sure you always disassemble and clean your Philips pasta maker immediately after use. Dried flour is very sticky and can make disassembling your pasta maker difficult.

    1) Disconnect the power before cleaning or disassembling your Philips pasta maker.

    2) Pull the lid to unlock it and then remove the lid from the mixing chamber. (image A)

    image A

    Step 1 and 2: Cleaning your Philips pasta maker

    image B

    3) Slide the mixing chamber off the main unit. (image B)

    Step 3: Cleaning your Philips pasta maker

    image C

    4) Turn the shaping disc holder counterclockwise to remove it from the mixing chamber outlet. (image C)

    Step 4: Cleaning your Philips pasta maker

    image D

    5) Put your finger in the mixing chamber and push the squeezing tube outwards to slide it out of the mixing chamber outlet. Detach the shaping disc, and then pull the squeezing bar out of the squeezing tube. If the disc does not come off, it may be stuck due to dried flour mix. If this is the case, submerge the squeezing bar and the disc in warm water for 5-10 minutes, then try again. (image D)

    Step 5: Cleaning your Philips pasta maker

    image E

    6) Using the supplied cleaning tool, remove any dough residues from the shaping disc. After that, you can clean it with water.

    Tip: You can also let the shaping disc dry after removing it from the squeezing tube. Then use the supplied cleaning tool to poke out the dried dough in the holes.

    7) Take the mixing paddle out of the mixing chamber. (image E)

    Step 6 and 7: Cleaning your Philips pasta maker

    image F and G

    8) Clean all detachable parts and accessories, and then wipe them dry (image F and G)

    Step 8: Cleaning your Philips pasta maker

    Cleaning the shaping discs

    1) For shaping discs that have a matching cleaning tool included: use the specific cleaning tool to get all dough residuals out of that specific disc.

    2) For discs that do not include a dedicated cleaning tool: please use the flat cleaning tool, which offers two sides with which you are able to clean any disc.

    The easiest way for cleaning your pasta maker’s discs is to leave the discs for several hours on the kitchen counter (or a few hours in the freezer) until the dough dries. When the dough is completely dry, beat the discs on the kitchen counter. The dough will fall off automatically.

    Important to keep in mind:

    • Do not immerse the main unit in water
    • Take extra caution when cleaning to avoid getting cut from any edges
    Cleaning the shaping discs - Philips pasta maker
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