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    Philips Lumea Precision IPL hair removal system SC2006/11 For use on body and face 15 minutes to treat lower legs Lifetime >140,000 light pulses Cordless design


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the differences between the Philips Lumea attachments?

    There are several Philips Lumea attachments available to treat different different body areas in the most effective way.

    Body attachment

    The body attachment is included for all Lumea models. The body attachment has the largest window to treat bigger areas on the body. The body attachment does not have an extra filter in the attachment.

    Facial attachment

    The facial attachment contains an additional integrated reddish glass, window or filter in it, which is specially designed for treatment of sensitive body areas (e.g. upper lip, chin or cheek) below the cheek bone. Do not use the precision attachment on the forehead, eyes or eye brows.
    The facial attachment is included in all Lumea models except SC1991 - SC1995, SC2004 and SC2005.

    Bikini attachment

    The bikini attachment has a specialized design for effective treatment of bikini areas. It has curved out design with transparent bikini filter. Hair in this area tends to be typically thicker and stronger then leg hair, therefore the bikini area attachment has a special filter for treating the coarser hair in the bikini area.
    The bikini attachment is included in Lumea models BRI947, BRI948, BRI956, BRI959, SC1999, SC2008 and SC2009.

    Armpit attachment

    The armpit attachment - that is included in Lumea models BRI947, BRI948, BRI956, BRI959 - does not have an additional filter. It has a specifically curved-out design to treat hard to reach armpit hairs.

    Precision attachment

    The precision attachment is curved-out for use in bikini and armpit areas.
    It has a medium sized window with an extra transparent filter. It is designed for precise and effective coverage of bikini and armpit areas.
    The precision attachment is only included in Lumea models BRI946, BRI953 and BRI954.

    Note: Lumea model series SC198x and BRI86x do not have separate attachment but can be used on all the above mentioned areas.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SC2006/11 , SC2003/11 , SC2002/01 .

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