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    PerfectCare Compact Plus Steam generator iron

    Max 6.5 bar pump pressure, Up to 450g steam boost, 1.5L detachable water tank, Carry lock GC7933/30


    My Philips Steam Iron produces little steam

    If the steam in your Philips Steam Iron gets weaker, find out how to solve this in the following lines.

    The ECO mode is activated

    If your iron is equipped with ECO mode:

    When you are using the ECO mode and you see the green light is on, the steam will be weaker.

    For more steam, switch off the ECO mode by pressing the ECO button on the base of your Philips Steam Iron. After this, the green ECO light will go off.

    Limescale may have built up in the iron

    If lime scale or calc have built up in your iron, this may reduce the steam rate. In this case, your iron needs to be descaled. Find here all descaling information for your Philips Iron.

    If none of the solutions above solve the issue, please contact us further assistance.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: GC7933/30 , GC8962/46 , HI5914/36 , GC9660/36 , GC9682/86 , GC7808/40 , GC8723/00 , GC9324/20 , GC7330/02 , GC9622/20 , GC9642/60 , GC7035/20 , GC8650/80 , GC8638/20 , GC9247/30 , GC8642/20 , GC7635/30 , GC8640/02 , GC9550/02 , GC8635/02 , GC9245/02 , GC7520/02 , GC9540/02 , GC9240/02 , GC6530/02 , GC6510/02 , GC8350/02 , GC6540/02 , GC7420/02 , GC7430/02 , GC9140/02 , GC8560/02 , GC8460/02 , GC7320/02 , GC8280/02 , GC6430/02 , GC7230/02 , GC6360/02 , GC8220/02 , GC8030/08 , GC8080/08 , GC8080/02 . more less

    Other issues
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