PerfectCare Aqua Pro Steam generator iron

Max 6.5 bar pressure, Up to 440g steam boost, 2.5 L water tank capacity, Ultra-light iron GC9324/20


My Philips steam generator iron leaks from its soleplate

In the unfortunate event that your Philips steam generator iron is leaking water from the soleplate, there may be a simple solution. Discover how to solve it yourself.

The temperature dial is set to the wrong position (SpeedCare and FastCare/FastCare Compact irons)

When the temperature dial is in Calc Clean or the 1 dot position and the steam trigger is pressed, the iron could leak from the soleplate and does not produce steam.

Please set the temperature dial to the 2 or 3 dot position and press the steam trigger.

The pilot light Calc-Clean is blinking and/or there is a beeping sound

Your iron needs to be descaled (or descaling mode is activated).
Find all descaling information for your Philips iron here.

There is dirty water leaking from the soleplate.

It could be that odorised or perfumed water is used in the iron (Philips recommends not to use any of these water types in its irons, since they can cause damage).

We recommend first descaling the iron to find out whether the problem can be solved: Find all descaling information for your Philips iron here.

If your problem has not been not solved, please contact us for a solution.

Using for the first time (or not used in a long time)

Steam condenses into water in the hose when you use steam for the first time or have not used it for a long time, and this can result in the soleplate leaking. This is normal behaviour.

To solve this, please hold the iron away from the garment and press the steam trigger. Wait until steam instead of water comes out of the soleplate.

You have used the steam boost function too frequently.

When the steam boost function is used too frequently, this could cause your iron to leak from the soleplate.

To avoid this, please do not use the steam boost function more than the recommended maximum: 5 times within 3 minutes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC9324/20 , GC9622/20 , GC9642/60 , GC7035/20 , GC8650/80 , GC8638/20 , GC9247/30 , GC8642/20 , GC8640/02 , GC9550/02 , GC8635/02 , GC9245/02 , GC9540/02 , GC9240/02 . more less

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