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    ComfortTouch Garment Steamer

    StyleBoard, 1800W, 3 steam settings GC552/46


    My Philips stand garment steamer leaves wet spots on garments

    When your Philips stand garment steamer leaves wet spots on your clothes, there might be a simple solution. Please find out in the following lines how this works.

    Steam condensation inside the head of the steamer

    It is normal to observe a few wet spots on the steamed clothes, especially when you just started steaming. This is due to steam condensation inside the head of your garment steamer.

    Steam condensation (in case of using a mat or board):

    Wet spots can also be caused by steam condensation on the mat or board after a long steaming session (this is only applicable if you are using a board or a mat).

    The information on this page applies to the following models: GC552/46 , GC559/66 , GC514/46 , GC524/66 , GC524/60 , GC518/26 , GC504/30 , GC535/30 , GC568/60 , GC502/20 , GC532/30 , GC506/30 , GC536/39 , GC504/39 , GC506/39 , GC550/28 , GC555/05 , GC515/05 , GC526/05 , GC525/05 , GC510/05 , GC520/05 . more less

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