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    8000 Series Cordless Stick vacuum cleaner

    360° Suction Nozzle, Up to 70 min, 28 min of Turbo, Mini Turbo Brush XC8043/01


    My Philips SpeedPro Vacuum runs out of battery quickly

    If your Philips SpeedPro or SpeedPro Max Vacuum runs out of battery too fast, please read our troubleshooting advice below to simply solve this yourself.

    The vacuum cleaner is vacuuming at the highest power setting

    Your vacuum cleaner comes with different power settings depending on the model. Please find the recommended settings for normal daily use for each model below:

    For SpeedPro: Your Philips SpeedPro Vacuum has two suction power settings: 1 and 2. The recommended setting for normal daily use is setting 1. The highest setting is 2 and has higher suction power. The setting 2 is meant to be used to clean very dirty patches. The battery consumes very fast in 2 setting, so for regular amounts of dust, your vacuum cleaner can best be used in setting 1.

    For SpeedPro Max: The highest setting of your Philips SpeedPro Max Vacuum is Turbo and it has a very high suction power. Based on this, the appliance consumes battery very fast in Turbo setting. This setting is meant to be used only to clean very dirty patches, not for regular everyday usage. For regular amounts of dust, your Philips SpeedPro Max should be used in setting 1 or 2.

    The rechargeable battery has reached the end of its life

    Replace the rechargeable battery of your vacuum cleaner at a Philips service center.

    Did the above solutions not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: XC8043/01 , XC8147/01 , FC6721/01 , FC6904/61 , FC6723/01 , FC6813/61 , FC6823/61 . more less

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