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    Philips Support

    Water leaks out from the base of my Philips Stand Garment Steamer

    Published on 03 April 2023
    If water is leaking from the base of your Philips Stand Garment Steamer, find possible causes and solutions below.

    Secure water tank cap and de-calc knob

    Make sure the water tank cap is completely closed (turn clock-wise to lock)  and the de-calc knob secured, by turning it to the lock position.

    Insert Water Tank correctly

    Please, make sure the water tank is correctly placed and the water tank cap aligned.

    Steamer head and/or steam hose left in low position

    When the steamer head and/or steam hose are left in low position for a long time (≥5mins) you may notice water leaking. In that case, please lift the steamer head to straighten the hose vertically. This allows pressure to be released inside the tank.

    Note: Avoid steaming at low position.

    Low water level in water tank

    If the water level inside the tank is low, it will allow pressure to be built inside. Remove the water tank and fill it at least up to half full.

    If the solutions above did not solve the issue, contact us for further assistance.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: STE3170/80 , GC484/46 , GC487/86 , GC486/36 , GC552/46 , GC559/66 , GC514/46 , GC524/66 , GC524/60 , GC518/26 , GC4890/02 , GC4860/02 , GC4870/02 , GC4810/02 , GC4855/22 , GC4856/22 , GC4865/22 , GC4875/22 , GC550/28 , GC555/05 , GC515/05 , GC526/05 , GC525/05 , GC510/05 , GC520/05 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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