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Baby bottles & teats

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Bottle feeding

Solutions for cleaning, feeding and storing


The most natural way to bottle feed

The Natural baby bottle is our most innovative and advanced baby bottle. Designed with a wide, breast-shaped nipple to make bottle feeding more natural for your baby.

Choosing the right bottle for your baby


Clinically proven to reduce colic *


Trusted by millions of mums since 1984


Easy to combine with breastfeeding


Our most innovative bottle yet

Soft silicone nipples

Easy latch on

Unique valve on the nipple flexes to
your baby’s feeding rhythm

Natural latch on

The wide breast shaped nipple
promotes natural latch on similar to the
breast and makes it easy for your baby
to combine breast and bottle feeding


Unique comfort petals

Petals inside the nipple increase
softness and flexibility

Nipples available in different flow rates

Colic prevention

Anti-colic valve allows air into
the bottle instead of baby’s tummy

Anti-colic valve allows air into
the bottle instead of baby’s tummy

Comfortable to hold

Ergonomic shape

For comfortable hold by mom and baby

Enhanced ergonomic shape

Extra comfortable shape, easy to hold
and grip in any direction, even for
baby’s tiny hands

Easy to use

4 parts

Easy to clean and assemble

4 parts

Easy to clean and assemble

Wide bottle neck for easy filling and cleaning

Bottles available in different sizes

Clinically proven

The Philips Avent Classic baby bottle is clinically proven to reduce colic¹ and discomfort²