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    Philips Support

    I see an error code on my Philips Espresso Machine

    Published on 03 April 2024
    If you see an error code such as 01, 03, 04, 05, 11, 14 or 19 on your Philips Espresso Machine, please see below possible causes and solutions. 

    In case of other errors not mentioned above (such as error 02, 10, 15, 22), your machine will need to be repaired. Please contact us.
    When you see error 01, this means that the coffee grinder in your espresso machine is not working as it should due to a coffee funnel blockage. 
    In order to fix this, please unblock the coffee funnel (with a coffee spoon or a vacuum cleaner as explained below):

    1.    Switch off the machine and then wait until the machine is fully quiet (you don’t hear any noise coming out from it). This might take about 15 to 20 seconds
    2.    Open the service door and remove the brew group
    3.    Open the lid of the pre-ground coffee funnel and place the spoon handle into the funnel.  If there is no pre-ground coffee funnel, insert the spoon handle into the coffee funnel from below
    4.    Move the handle up and down until the clogged ground coffee falls down. This might require some force.  
    5.    Remove and clean all the ground coffee that has fallen with a vacuum cleaner
    6.    Next, put the vacuum cleaner nozzle on the outlet of the coffee funnel and cover the pre-ground coffee funnel with your hand. Or other way around, put the vacuum cleaner on the top and cover the bottom of the coffee funnel.
    7.    Place the brew group back. Then turn on the machine and prepare an espresso. 
    8.    After preparing the espresso, check if the funnel is still free from ground coffee. If not successful, repeat the unblocking procedure.
    Please do not pour or spill any water into the coffee bean container so that the coffee funnel does not get blocked. 
    Unblocking coffee funnel on Philips espresso machine
    Error 03 indicates there is too much dirt on the brew group and it cannot work properly. To solve this, please clean the brew group as explained below: 

    1.    Switch off the machine and then wait until the machine is fully quiet (you don’t hear any noise coming out from it). This might take about 15 to 20 seconds
    2.    Open the service door and remove the brew group
    3.    Rinse the brew group thoroughly with lukewarm water. Then, let it air-dry before placing it back.
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    When your Philips Espresso Machine shows error code E04, this indicates that the brew group is not correctly placed. To solve this, please open the service door of the machine and push the brew group into place. When the brew group is well placed, you will hear a click.
    To solve this and release the trapped air from the machine, follow these steps:

    1. Switch OFF the machine
    2. Empty the water tank and remove the AquaClean or any other water filter
    3. Fill the water tank with water and place it back 
    4. Switch the machine back ON. Once the machine is heated up, please select hot water and dispense 2 or 3 cups of hot water

    If you use an AquaClean water filter, follow these extra steps to make sure the filter is prepared and correct installed for use:

    1. Shake the AquaClean water filter for 5 seconds
    2. Hold the filter upside down in a container/bowl with water until no more air bubbles come out
    3. Place back the filter into the water tank and fill the water tank with water
    4. Restart the machine and switch it off and back on
    5. Select hot water and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water
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    When you see an error code 14, this indicates that your Philips Espresso Machine is overheated. To solve this, switch the machine OFF and wait for 30 minutes so it cools down.
    If you see error code 11 or 19, your espresso machine needs to adjust from transport/outdoor temperature to room temperature. This can happen mostly during winter time when it is cold. 

    To solve this, switch OFF the machine for 30 minutes and then try again. 

    If the above does not solve the problem, then it could be that the plug on the back of your machine is not firmly attached. To solve this, please make sure the plug is correctly inserted in the power outlet. 

    If you notice any other error codes than the ones mentioned above, please contact us.
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