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    Philips Support

    I cannot connect my Philips Air Purifier with the App

    Published on 10 November 2022
    If you are unable to connect your Philips Air Purifier to the App, please find out more in the following article.

    The device is not connected to the Wi-Fi properly

    There can be several reasons causing Wi-Fi connection failure between your Philips Air Purifier and smartphone. Check the steps below to solve this.
    1. Please ensure your smartphone is connected to a 2.4GHz (home) Wi-Fi, and not to 5GHz Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi. To pair up successfully, we suggest turning off your mobile data before pairing up.
    2. Check if the “PHILIPS Setup” is on the Wi-Fi list of your smartphone (indicated in the image below) when the appliance is ready for pairing up (Wi-Fi indicator blinking orange). If “PHILIPS Setup” is missing, it is a hardware issue, please contact us.
    3. Make sure your smartphone is connected to your home Wi-Fi, not “PHILIPS Setup”. If your smartphone is connected to "PHILIPS Setup ", please manually switch your smartphone's connected Wi-Fi from " PHILIPS Setup" to your home Wi-Fi at the beginning of pairing.
    4. Ensure to enable the following permissions: "Camera", "Locate", "Storage", "Bluetooth", and "Local Network" on your smartphone.
    5. Check if you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password. The password is case-sensitive and has 63 words length restriction. Special symbols are not accepted.
    6. Ensure the network name of your home Wi-Fi is correct. The network name is case-sensitive.
    7. Turn off VPN on your smartphone if you are using it.
    8. If your router has set the whitelist to block the pairing, please disable your whitelist of your router to ensure success on pairing.
    9. Please keep both your Philips Air Purifier and smartphone within 10 meters from the router. 
    10. Ensure the App has been updated to the up-to-date version.
    11. The Wi-Fi connection might get interrupted by other electronic devices, sparkling light source, or signal stations. Ensure that your Philips Air Purifier is away from this kind of sources and try to pair the air purifier with the Wi-Fi again.

    If above steps did not solve the issue, please find out more Wi-Fi connection information in the App or contact After-Sales Service for further support.
    Smartphone Wi-Fi list
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