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    My Philips Shaver is not giving good results

    If your Philips Shaver is not giving the desired results that you expected, read the possible causes below and our advice on how to resolve them.

    Your Philips Shaver is dirty

    It is possible that the performance of your shaver has declined because it is dirty. There can be hair or dirt particles stuck inside it, causing the shaving heads to don’t function correctly.

    To fix this problem, properly clean your shaver. If possible, remove the shaving heads and clean your shaver from the inside as well. For detailed cleaning instructions, refer to your user manual or view the video below.

    In some shavers, a cleaning reminder symbol will blink to let you know that the shaver needs to be cleaned.

    Your Philips Shaver is not assembled correctly

    Another reason why your shaver might not be working properly is that it is not assembled correctly. For full instructions on how to reassemble your shaver, refer to your user manual or to the video below.

    Apply the right movements while shaving

    When you shave with your Philips Shaver, you will achieve optimal results if you make slow circular movements with the shaver over the face. The latest models of S7000 and S9000 will help you to achieve the perfect circular movements thanks to their motion sensor control.

    Allow your skin an adjustment period

    If you are a new user of the Philips Shaver, keep in mind that your skin needs to adapt to the electric razor. This means that your skin may feel slightly irritated in the beginning. Allow yourself an adjustment period of two to three weeks with your new Philips Shaver.

    You can also use a gentle moisturizer or aftershave lotion to minimize skin irritation after shaving.

    Pre-trim your long facial hair

    Shaving long hair can be uncomfortable and may lead to skin irritation.

    If you have not shaved for a couple of days and have a heavy beard, it is a good idea to trim your beard before you start shaving. This technique also helps in reducing shaving time.

    Some Philips Shavers come with a trimming attachment that you can use to trim your beard. Otherwise, use your normal beard trimmer.

    Be gentle and apply the right amount of pressure

    While shaving, it is important to be gentle, especially if you have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Do not press the shaver too hard against your skin. Only apply a gentle pressure which makes your facial hair stand upright and makes it easier for the shaver blades to catch and cut them.

    Gentle pressure also reduces friction between the shaver and your skin, resulting in a more comfortable experience. The latest models of S9000 will help you to apply the right amount of pressure thanks to its pressure guard feature.

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