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  • A device for flat or inverted nipples
  • Ideal use before or in the first 6 months of pregnancy
  • A simple procedure
  • Clinically proven results
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  • McGeorge, Mr. D, FRCS (Plast), The Niplette: an instrument for the non-surgical correction of inverted nipples, British Journal of Plastic Surgery (1994) Vol 47, Pages 46–49
A device for flat or inverted nipples

A device for flat or inverted nipples

Inverted or non-protractile nipples affect up to 10% of women causing psychological distress and making breast feeding difficult for mother and baby. The suckling action of the baby should draw out the nipple. If not, the Niplette™ is a simple, comfortable solution that can help. The device makes it possible for women with flat or inverted nipples to comfortably breastfeed without the need for invasive surgery*. It consists of a transparent nipple mould with a sealing flange, attached to a valve and a syringe port.

A simple procedure

A simple procedure

The cup is held over the nipple areola with one hand and air is withdrawn using a 5 ml syringe so that the nipple can be sucked into it. The user is in control of the suction and can pull on the nipple as firmly as comfortable. When the nipple has been pulled out the user after carefully separating the syringe from the valve can continue with their normal activities and wear the Niplette discreetly inside the bra. The Initial usage is encouraged as much as possible*.

Country of origin
United Kingdom Yes
What is included
Niplette 1 pcs
Disposable breast pad 2 pcs
Discreet design Yes
Development stages
Stages Before Pregnancy
0 - 6 months
Breastfeeding initiation phase
Ease of use
Easy concealing under clothing Push syringe to release vacuum
Easy to clean
Clean in hot soapy water Yes
Solution for flat nipples Use gentle suction
Niplette Polypropylene
Breast pads Dermatologically tested
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