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TriActive Z hard floors nozzle

TriActive Z hard floors nozzle

Recommended Retail price $ 59.00
Discount price $ 41.30
  • Unique Z-shaped air channels
  • Universal fitting
  • With connection adapter

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Z-shaped air channels prevent the nozzle from pushing dirt

The TriActive Z has a unique Philips innovation which, unlike most standard nozzles, ensures all dirt is guided inside rather than being pushed forward. The innovation is in the Z-shaped air channels, which guide both big and small particles inside. This way you can clean more in one stroke.

Flat design to clean under low spaces

The nozzle has a flat design, so it can be easier for you to reach under furniture or other low spaces.

Suitable for hard floors

Suitable for hard floors

The nozzle is suitable to operate on all types of hard floors like parquet, tiles or vynil.

A connection adapter makes the nozzle universally fitting

A connection adapter makes the nozzle universally fitting

The nozzle is provided together with a connection adapter. Thus, it is compatible with Philips, Miele, Electrolux, AEG, Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, Rowenta, Hoover, LG, Panasonic, Zelmer models and many other vacuum cleaners with 32 or 35 mm connection.

Accessory specifications
Number of nozzles 1
Number of adaptors 1
Tube coupling Universal
Suitable for
EasyLife FC8130 - FC8139
FC8140 - FC8149
EasyGo FC8082 - FC8083
CompactGo FC8120
PowerLife FC8320 - FC8329
FC8450 - FC8459
PowerGo FC8293 - FC8296
FC8240 - FC8246
Performer Compact FC8383 - FC8391
FC8370 - FC8379
FC8366 - FC8367 (A+)
PerformerActive FC8650 - FC8664
FC8580 - FC8593
FC8520 - FC8527
FC8574 - FC8579
Jewel FC9050 - FC9079
Performer FC9150 - FC9179
FC8680 - FC8682
PerformerPro FC9180 - FC9199
Performer Expert FC8720 - FC8728
Performer Silent FC8779 - FC8786
FC8741 - FC8745
Performer Ultimate FC8921 - FC8925
FC8941 - FC8957
SilentStar FC9300 - FC9319
PowerPro Compact FC8370 - FC8379
FC8515 - FC8517
FC9320 - FC9329
FC9330 - FC9334
FC9350 - FC9353
PowerPro Active FC8630 - FC8649
FC9520 - FC9525
FC8670 - FC8679
FC9528 - FC9533
PowerPro FC8760 - FC8767
PowerPro Expert FC9712 - FC9714
FC9720 - FC9725
FC9732 - FC9735
FC9741 - FC9746
PowerPro Ultimate FC9911 - FC9912
FC9919 - FC9934
Marathon FC9200 - FC9225
Aqua Action FC8950 - FC8952
Packaging > 90% recycled materials
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TriActive Z hard floors nozzle

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