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On tap water purifier

On tap water purifier

$ 98.00
  • Pure Taste

Pure Taste filter for cleaner and better tasting water

The Pure Taste filter removes unpleasant chlorine, bad tastes and smells, as well as large sediment from your tap water, ensuring purer and better tasting water for drinking, cooking and cleaning fruits and vegetables. In addition, the silver-coated active carbon prevents bacteria growth inside the filter, giving you extra safety for your water.

Pure Protect alert informs you when to change the filter

Pure Protect alert is a sticker with the months of the year you can adhere easily to the filter cap. By marking the month of replacement, you can be sure you remember to replace your filter on time, ensuring you endless Pure Taste water.

General specifications
Accessories 8 QuickFit tap-mounting adapters, PureProtect Alert
Replacement filter cartridge WP3961
Water selection filtered spray
unfiltered spray
unfiltered stream
Water flow rate 2 l/min
Water flow rate 5 °C
Design specifications
Color(s) white
Product weight 260 g
Product dimensions (L x W x H) 65 x 143 x 106 mm
Materials plastic
Purification system
Chlorine removal >75 %
Turbidity removal 3000 liters or approx. 1 year
Filter specifications
Filter lifetime 2000 L or approx. 6 months
Major filter components silver-coated GAC
Water input conditions
Min. input water pressure 0.7 bar
Max. input water pressure 3.5 bar
Max. input water temperature 50 °C
Country of origin
Replacement filter Japan
Water purifier Japan
Packaging > 90% recycled materials
User manual 100% recycled paper
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On tap water purifier

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