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    Philips Support

    How to make ice cream with my Philips ice cream maker

    Published on 2021-07-04

    You can make delicious ice cream with your Philips ice cream maker by following a few simple steps. Discover how.

    Step 1:

    Prepare the mixture of ingredients for the ice cream in a separate bowl. Preferably use ingredients at fridge temperature.

    Step 2:

    Remove the cooling disc from the freezer. Make sure your hands are dry when handling the frozen cooling disc.

    Step 3:

    Check if the disc is properly frozen and free of ice.

    • If the disc is properly frozen, its contents will have turned hard all over.
    • If you hear a crunching sound when you press the bottom of the disc with your thumbs, the disc is not properly frozen yet.
    • If a film of frost has developed on the cooling disc, you can remove it by means of wooden or plastic spatula.

    Step 4:

    Place the frozen cooling disc in the bowl of the ice-cream maker.

    Place frozen cooling disc

    Step 5:

    Insert the front edge of the motor unit into the cover.

    Insert front of motor unit

    Step 6:

    Push the motor unit downwards into the cover until it locks in to place (you will hear a click).

    Push down the motor unit

    Step 7:

    Insert the stirrer into the hole of the motor unit (you will hear a soft click).

    Insert stirrer

    Step 8:

    Place the top of the ice-cream maker on the bowl. Turn the top in the direction of the arrow until it locks (you will hear a click).

    Add the top and turn it

    Step 9:

    Put the mains plug in the wall socket. The ice cream maker is now ready for use.

    Step 10:

    Before putting the ingredients in the bowl, switch the appliance on by pressing the on/off button. This is necessary to prevent ingredients from freezing onto the cooling disc right away.

    Step 11:

    You are now making ice cream. Compact ice cream will take about 40 minutes to prepare, soft ice cream will be ready in approximately 20 minutes.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2304/70 , HR2304/10 .

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