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    Viva Collection Chopper

    500 W, 1.5 L, Plastic bowl, 4 blades HR1398/81

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which amounts can I process with the Philips chopper?

    Your Philips chopper bowl has a size of 1.5 l, but the chopping capacity is only 1.2 l. Don’t fill it with too many ingredients, as this won't give optimal results.

    Maximum quantities and processing times - wet ingredients

    Baby food: blend up to 600 g plus liquid for 45 seconds.

    Hot vegetable soup: blend up to 1 l for 40 seconds.

    Milk shake: blend up to 800 ml for 30 seconds.

    Pesto: blend up to 300 g for 30-60 seconds.

    Smoothie: blend up to 500 g for 30 seconds.

    Tomatoes, cut into 4 pieces: blend up to 600 g for 30 seconds.

    Maximum quantities and processing times - dry ingredients.

    Almonds/nuts: chop up to 300 g for 30 seconds.

    Lean beef, (high quality) diced 2-3 cm: chop up to 400 g for 10 seconds.

    Onions, diced: chop up to 100 g using 3-4 pulses.

    Parsley: chop up to 60 g using 10 pulses.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1398/81 , HR1398/91 .

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